About Us

About Us

Solar Innovations is successful because of listening to its customers and delivering a complete line of innovative glazed products. All our decisions are based on what is best for the company, employees, and customers.

As a single source provider of custom glass structures, skylights, windows, and doors, Solar continues to introduce new products. Adding the International Window System with a Universal adaptor making almost any combination of windows and doors a reality.

Solar Innovations , Inc. continues to develop and grow as a result of creating new designs, acquiring additional patents and engineering new product lines. The Solar team continues to forge its path into the future by continuing to promote a spirit of unity and teamwork.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, more information is available in the careers section.

Solar Innovations History

An industry leader for more than 17 years, Solar Innovations ®, can trace its history back to the early 1950’s and the inception of Everlite Greenhouses. Everlite was purchased in the 1980’s for its dealer network by an existing sunroom manufacturer in Maryland.

The manufacturer took over the Everlite name and began distributing replacement parts for the original company. However, this limited its manufacturing to a new sunroom product and the development of a Mahogany interior/aluminum exterior conservatory. As a result, Everlite produced sunrooms through the 1980’s and eventually sold its equipment and designs to several entities.

One of these entities moved its operations to York, PA and proceeded to manufacture wood and aluminum products. Greg Header was hired by the company as a consultant in 1997. The company underwent a re-organization and on April 15, 1998, Solar Innovations ® was formed. Greg Header became President and Darren Coder was named Vice President.

Solar now resides in a state-of-the art 300,000 sq. ft. corporate office and manufacturing facility. It is now part of a three building campus on 24 acres in Pine Grove, PA, and employs over 170 team members. Since Solar’s inception it has consistently grows by at least 25% per year.

Energy Star Ratings

ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps save money in addition to protecting the environment with energy-efficient products and practices. More than 60 types of products, including appliances, televisions, and even new homes, can earn the government’s ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR also offers best practice solutions to make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs.

Solar Innovations ’ product line also provides environmentally conscious options beyond ENERGY STAR’s qualifications. If any questions arise regarding product efficiency or certification levels, please contact your Solar Representative by calling 800-618-0669. For more information please visit our testing page or click here to see how our products become Energy Star Certified.

Contractor Numbers

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems is a home improvement contractor in the states of Connecticut (HIC.0634306) and New Jersey (13VH06584400) and a contractor in Pennsylvania (PA051151) and Philadelphia (40148).

Located below are Solar Innovations®’s various Contractor Numbers.

State/City License License Number
Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor HIC.0634306
New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor License 13VH06584400
Pennsylvania Contractor PA051151
Philadelphia Contractor 40148

Please contact your Solar Innovations® representative with any questions at: skylight@solarinnovations.com or 800-618-0669.