Butt Joint Glazed Windows

Structurally or Butt Joint Glazed Windows

butt_joint_windowButt joint glazed windows are a true architectural feature available from Solar Innovations®. This unique glazing option creates a frameless corner window consisting of two pieces of glass that are joined together at a 90 degree angle, without any metal framing attached to the corner.  The end result is a modern architectural window with a contemporary appeal.  Because there is no corner framing, the window provides unobstructed views.

In order to achieve such a unique result, the glass employed in the window must be engineered as a structural element, resulting in a strict range of glass size and thickness dictated by code requirements. Structural glazing also features horizontal (top and bottom) supports, similar to that of a clear wall, to ensure the appropriate structural loads can be achieved. These windows often perform equal to or better than a conventional framing system when properly installed and engineered.

Solar Innovations®’s butt glazed windows contain low maintenance aluminum framing and are custom designed to the individual customer’s specifications. All components and framing are manufactured at Solar Innovations®’s corporate facility located in Pine Grove, PA, USA.  To discuss a butt glazed window project, please contact a Solar Innovations® sales representative by calling 800-618-0669 or emailing skylight@solarinnovations.com.