Ogee Conservatories

Ogee Conservatories

Historical and Classic Conservatory Designs

An Ogee Conservatory is a historic or classic conservatory design. The design typically features a gable roof line with an ogee arch at the point. The arch resembles an S-shape, with two sides meeting at a point. Ancient civilizations used the ogee arch in their architecture, and the design was carried into the Middle East. The curve was eventually adopted in European architecture, particularly with door and window designs. The configuration is a characteristic of Gothic architecture and highly ornate French styles.

During the Industrial Revolution, the arch was adapted to conservatories as steel became affordable to produce and bend. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers ogee style arch conservatories built out of aluminum. This durable material will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Each conservatory is custom designed, there are no standard measurements or configurations, everything is manufactured to fit the customer’s needs. Any size is possible, from a simple conservatory to a large pool enclosure. Other applications for an ogee conservatory include entertaining areas, a greenhouse for growing plants, and retail space. Stainless Steel and copper cladding are also available for interior and exterior applications.

The glass used inside the framing has numerous options. The glass in the roof will be laminated and the walls will be tempered. The most frequently used glass type features a LowE tint. This type of tint helps insulate the room and provide better energy efficiency, and makes it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. There are different LowE tint options, each with a different goal that includes reducing glare, protecting the view, and the best insulation values. Decorative glazing is also available to create the classic conservatory appearance.

Grids in the windows and transoms are an easy way to achieve a specific style. The grids will add a visual impact to the expanses of glass. There are patterns to meet Gothic, Victorian, Modern, and many other design styles. Custom patterns are always welcome. Etching the glass to create a pattern is another option when grid work is not desired. A small piece of glass can often be etched but may be too small to accept grid work. More intricate designs are also available with an etching but may be too complex for gridding.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers ogee conservatory repair. There are many ogee conservatories which were built in years past and now require service work. Common problems with older conservatories include broken glass, seals, and trusses along with vents which do not open and are missing screw cap covers. Solar Innovations, Inc. has service crews which can come to your site and assist in repairing your conservatory. At times, the damage may be too severe and Solar may suggest an ogee replacement conservatory designs. Solar Innovations, Inc. can also update existing ogee conservatories. The original function may not be practical today and Solar can work to retrofit the unit so options like folding doors and automatic ventilation can be installed. All units are manufactured in our Pennsylvania facility. Feel free to call Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669 to discuss repair to an existing unit or the design of a future structure.