A greenhouse is a glass or polycarbonate structure that is primarily used for growing plants. High quality greenhouses are a staple in Solar Innovations®’s manufacturing portfolio. Solar’s durable aluminum greenhouse structures are built to last a lifetime and can be engineered in any size, shape, and configuration to fit every individual’s needs. Solar Innovations® can customize and design greenhouses for everyone from backyard gardeners and urban plant-lovers to professional horticulturists alike.

Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouses are most commonly used for floral shops and garden centers, but Solar Innovations® can design a full scale or lean-to greenhouse for restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and virtually any business, location, or application.

Residential Greenhouses

Residential GreenhouseResidential greenhouses by Solar Innovations® can be designed to any specification you would like——no two products are the same. All greenhouses are constructed out of durable aluminum, which will not rot, warp, rust or require constant finish maintenance.

Hobby Greenhouses

Hobby Greenhouse
Hobby greenhouses are typically less than 10’ x 10’, making them ideal for the casual gardener. Hobby greenhouses can be utilized for starting seedlings, propagating plants, and other general gardening.

Educational Greenhouses

Educational GreenhouseEducational greenhouses provide a unique opportunity for students to study horticulture first hand. Many universities and even high schools use greenhouses to study plant growth, pesticides, and genetics. Vocational schools can use greenhouses for propagation and landscaping work, and even elementary schools are beginning to use educational greenhouses.

Research Greenhouses

Research greenhouseResearch greenhouses often include several individual rooms for potting plants, storing and applying pesticides, cold storage, composting, a “sick room” for unhealthy plants, and autoclave rooms for conducting experiments. Solar’s research greenhouses can be designed with as many rooms as required, as well as outdoor growing areas linked directly to the greenhouse.

Institutional Greenhouses

Institutional GreenhouseInstitutional greenhouses are mostly used for pleasure gardening within an organization. Many prisons use greenhouses for training inmates and teaching them new life skills that will help them with future employment.  Nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab facilities also use institutional greenhouses for their therapeutic benefits.

Specialty Greenhouses

Specialty GreenhouseSpecialty greenhouses are designed for a specific plant species and often contain different climate zones to accommodate the needs of the species’ hot weather and cold weather plants. Solar’s multi-zoned specialty greenhouses can be designed to suit the needs of bonsai trees, orchids, tropical plants, palms, and practically any plant variety.

Pit Greenhouse

Pit GreenhouseImplementing a “pit” greenhouse is an energy efficient alternative to a traditional greenhouse. Pit greenhouses are typically located four feet below ground, where the Earth retains an approximate temperature of 50 degrees; therefore, if 70 degrees is required, the temperature will only need to be raised 20 degrees. Pit greenhouses are often attached to a preexisting structure in a lean-to or double pitch configuration, which will transfer heat and act as additional insulation.

Urban Greenhouse

City GreenhousesA greenhouse is normally smaller in scale when located in an urban area, as compared to a rural setting. The reduced size means the space allocation inside the greenhouse becomes more creative and specifically planned. The framework of an urban greenhouse will be constructed out of durable aluminum that will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance.