Specialty Greenhouses

Specialty Growing Environments

Specialty greenhouses are built with a specific plant or purpose in mind. We currently design and manufacture three types of specialty greenhouses. Solar Innovations® is proud to say we have made solutions for your bonsai, orangery, or orchid growing applications. Each category can be customized to meet your needs.

The greenhouse can be a small, lean-to attached to the side of a residential home or a large scale, free standing greenhouse used for university research.

The greenhouse accessories used to run each greenhouse specialty can be customized to the plants being grown. Heating, cooling, and ventilation are necessities in each specific greenhouse genre. However, the amounts needed and temperatures for each type vary. Solar Innovations® can provide high humidity greenhouses for orchids and a cooler temperature greenhouse for the cold loving bonsai. Beyond the required accessories, Solar Innovations® also offers the extra accessories which make gardening easier, such as benches, shelving, fans, and misting systems.

One of the key features to a Solar Innovations® specialty greenhouse is the ability to create zones within the greenhouse. There are thousands of orchid species available; some like hot weather, while others prefer cooler temperatures. The orchid greenhouse can be separated into different zones, each having its own temperature and climate. Similarly, accommodations can be made for bonsai trees, one zone can be created for tropics and another for cold weather bonsais. Again, the same can be implemented for orangeries. The tropical orange and lemon trees can be grown in one zone, and the cold weather cherries and apples are cultivated in a second zone. A Solar Innovations® greenhouse can be designed to hold any number of plant species and foster multiple climates. If you can dream it, we can create it.

We will be happy to assist you or answer any questions. Please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail us at info@solarinnovations.com.