Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms often serve dual purposes. Through proper planning, a garden room environment can be created that will serve the needs of both plants and people. When the owner is done tending to their plants, the space can be utilized the space for relaxation or entertaining.

Plants are still the focal point of the greenhouse, with adequate bench space. However, slight changes can make the area more “residential.” For example, instead of black plastic bench tops, wood top benches can be added. These tops can be stained to give the impression of a home, rather than a commercial greenhouse. Fans can still be used in the greenhouse; integrating fans can help to reduce the spread of pests and diseases, by keeping air moving. Moving air also creates a pleasant atmosphere while lounging in the greenhouse.

Ventilation is used in garden rooms that are designed for dual use. Ridge vents allow hot stagnant air to escape out the top of the greenhouse, while eave vents or windows bring fresh air in. To fully enjoy a greenhouse year round, heating and cooling is required. These features allow plants to grow year round and owners to remain comfortable in all seasons.

If the primary focus of the room is additional living space, uses include game rooms, art studios, or family rooms. Plants can be grown in pots, on countertops, and plant stands. A room of this nature tends to contain more furniture and decorative accessories.

Special consideration should be taken when mixing furniture and a large plant collection. Wooden furniture should be constructed out of species such as cedar, teak or mahogany. These wood varieties have a greater tolerance to moisture, humidity and sunlight. Fabrics designed for outdoor use are also an intelligent choice, for the same reasons. Solar Innovations® recommends the installation of a shading in dual use greenhouses. Installing shading will limit the amount of sunlight that enters a room, thus controlling the structure’s heat gain. There are two varieties of shades, permanently fixed or operable. Operable shades have the ability to move up or down and can be controlled manually or via a motor.

If you would like to discuss a future project, please call Solar Innovations® and ask to speak to sales or a greenhouse designer.