Ventilation is one of the most important characteristics of a well-planned greenhouse. Without proper ventilation, air becomes stagnant and fosters the growth of unwanted bacteria and diseases.

Ventilation Options by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Circulation Fans

Circulation Fans

Solar’s circulation fans include the following attributes:

  • Baked-on white epoxy fan guard
  • Solid mount for easy attachment
  • Moisture-resistant variable speed motor
  • Double the circulation of traditional models due to large fan holes
  • Heavy-duty statically balanced blades
  • Low noise levels
  • Rigid motor mount for easy installation
  • Maintenance-free, energy efficient heavy- duty bearing motors
  • Manual speed control to adjust air flow
  • Water- resistant electrical enclosure with approved connectors

Circulation fans help create an even flow of air throughout the greenhouse, which, in turn, reduces air stratification and prevents air from becoming stagnant. Fans help create a healthy growing environment and promote air quality through constant circulation.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans and intake louvers are commonly used for greenhouses without insulation. The exhaust fan expels excess heat from the greenhouse, while the intake louver brings fresh air into the structure. Together, the two work to regulate inside temperature and promote a healthy growing environment.

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan


Eave Vent Options
Eave Vents

Ridge and eave vents are another essential ventilation method for greenhouses. Like circulation fans, vents will increase air flow and prevent disease growth. Ridge vents are located in the slope of the greenhouse. Since hot air rises, it is important to have ridge vents so the hot air escapes. Eave vents are very similar to ridge vents, but they are located on the greenhouse walls and resemble large awning windows. Solar’s vents can be opened and closed manually with a rod operator or by a moisture-resistant motor.

Ridge Vents

Unlike regular awning windows, all ridge and eave vents in the system operate off one motor. For the motorized option, the vents can be set to open and close at timed intervals, or they can be set according to a specified temperature: when the greenhouse reaches a pre-determined degree, the vents will open. Rain sensors can also be included so the vents will close when rain or snow begins to fall. Ridge and eave vents should be strategically aligned to increase cross ventilation and promote air circulation.

Ridge Vents

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