Pivot Doors

Product Description

Solar Innovations®’s thermally-isolated aluminum pivot doors are ideal for over-sized openings in interior and light exterior applications. The “hinges,” also known as the pins of the pivot door, are located at the top and bottom of the door, allowing the unit to pivot instead of swing open. Customers can choose to have a center-pivot door or have a custom pivot point.

Pivot Doors are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption. Pivot door pins are located at the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the door to pivot. Each door’s pivot point is custom located by request; center and off center pivot locations are available (subject to engineering approval). The pivot door matches that of our folding glass walls. This allows for transoms and sidelights to be constructed from the pivot door frame, creating the same sightlines for each unit.


Common commercial applications include car dealerships, hotels, hospitals, and entrances to businesses or restaurant decks. While large openings are possible and very useful in commercial applications, the large sizes may not be practical for residential use.


Residential applications include openings to patios, front doors, and interior doors such as office doors.  All sizes are custom, so everything from smaller scaled doors to a garage door sized opening is available.

Offset Hinge

The key feature of a pivot door is the location of the offset hinge. On a traditional terrace door, the hinge is placed on the left or right; the pivot door’s hinge is located at the top and bottom of the frame. This location allows the door to pivot left or right.

Thermally Enhanced

Each pivot door is constructed out of thermally isolated aluminum which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finishing maintenance. All frames are thermally isolated which helps insulate rooms and allows the doors to be used on exterior applications. There are mullion layouts to choose between for a more artistic looking door.

Center & Off-center Pivots

Center and off-center pivot locations are acceptable on the top of the frame. When the door is pivoted, a large opening remains; which allows for sizable items to pass through the framework that may be hindered with a regular terrace or French door.

Sill Options

There are various sill options for the pivot door. Exterior doors can use an ADA compliant sill, the standard sill, or recessed sill. Interior doors can use the flush sill or recessed flush sill. The framework is also versatile enough to be used in forming the pivot doors into stacking pivot doors. Multiple panels will slide along a track and stack against a wall. This allows a wall to be opened and present an unobstructed view.

sliding glass doors

Size Availability

This type of door is designed for over sized openings and is available in a French door configuration. Typical sizes range from 4’0” wide up to 10’0” tall. All sizes are custom and both larger and smaller sizes be manufactured, depending on weight constraints. Consult your Solar Innovations® representative for definitive sizing.



Thermally enhanced utlilizing thermal strut Matching fixed transoms and sidelites
Maximum panel size 4′ x 8′. Larger sizes available depending on engineering requirements Decorative interior and exterior grids
Multiple hardware styles and finishes Self actuating closers
Accommodates monolithic and insulated glazing
infi lls from 3/16″ to 1 1/8″
Custom finishes:
Roller assemblies designed to minimize and simplify panel maintenance Class I Anodized: Dark Bronze, Clear
Left, right, or center pivot options Powder coat finish: AAMA 2603-2604
Minimum 12″ distance from center of pivot point to
edge of either jamb*
Fluoropolymer (50% or 70%): AAMA 2604-2605
In-swing, out-swing, and dual acting Veneer and cladding options
Duracron: Hartford Green, Bronze, Black, Natural Clay, White, Sandstone Dual color or dual finish options
LEED friendly system including recycled content Decorative interior and exterior grids
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Self actuating closers
Multiple sill designs, including ADA compliant ramps
and sill-less options
Factory installed sill drain tubes, if required
Designed to accommodate any monolithic, insulated, and laminated

The unique feature of a pivot door is the location of its hinge. Unlike traditional swing doors, which are hinged on the left or right side, Solar Innovations, Inc. pivot doors are hinged at the top and bottom, allowing the door to pivot instead of swing. Pins may have center or off-center locations, but Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends pivot locations be at least 12” from either jamb.

NOTE: Solar Innovations recommends pivot locations be a minimum of 12” from either jamb. Pivot locations for doors wider than 60” must be located further from the jamb at a location approximately 20% or greater than the width of the door panel.