Polycarbonate Products

Polycarbonate Products

Polycarbonate is a sturdy and cost-effective alternative to glass and can be used in any glazing project.

Polycarbonate Products offer Design Solutions for custom commercial applications

Polycarbonate Products and systems

Polycarbonate Information:

60mm Polycarbonate cross section for display

Multiple thicknesses are available, including 8mm, 25mm, and 60mm. Our 60mm polycarbonate is impact tested and insulated using recyclable Lumira® aerogel technology. Commercial buildings can benefit from polycarbonate’s privacy and lightweight structure, while residential users can have peace of mind knowing their polycarbonate skylight will stand up to severe weather conditions.

Polycarbonate is 10 times stronger than acrylic, and 200 times stronger than glass. It is frequently used in residential skylights, because its durability and ability to withstand rain, hail, and snow. Pool enclosures and sunrooms benefit from the privacy and UV protection provided by polycarbonate.

Residential gardeners also use polycarbonate in Greenhouses, because it filters light while reducing heat gain, creating a thriving environment for plants. Polycarbonate panels can be designed with a specific radius and used as arched awnings or walkways connecting a home to a pool enclosure or greenhouse.

Commercial Applications:

Polycarbonate’s various burn ratings make it useful for any commercial application. Its lightweight features make it perfect for use in train stations and bus shelters other commercial buildings use polycarbonate because it is easy to clean. Many office buildings use polycarbonate because it diffuses light and reduces glares on screens and monitors. It can also be used for creating private meeting rooms on the interior of a building.

Polycarbonate Products offer alternative glazing options
One sheet of 25mm polycarbonate weighs .717lbs, which correlates to reduced shipping costs, easier transportation, and quicker installation.

Interior Applications:

Interior Polycarbonate Product Applications

Interior applications often use 8mm, exterior use 25 mm, and hurricane applications use 60mm. Solar’s 60mm polycarbonate is visually the same as 25mm polycarbonate, but it has received impact ratings.  The 60mm polycarbonate wall consists of 10 walls, which is comparable to a 2 3/8” insulated panel of glass. Our thermally broken frame with 60mm polycarbonate is available in clear, opal, or heat reflective options and has a light transmittance of 10-25%, depending on the selected color. Bronze, blue, and green polycarbonate is also available, depending on thickness.

Lumira Aerogel

Performance Features of Lumira® Aerogel

Our polycarbonate is insulated using Lumira® aerogel. Lumira® is a completely safe and odorless insulating gel that provides three to size times the thermal performance of traditional insulation. This gel consists of small hydrophobic particles that greatly increase a unit’s R-value and thermal ratings while reducing sound transmittance. Lumira® does not harbor mold or moisture within the polycarbonate and is completely recyclable. Its particles are over 90% air and are contained in a structure with pore sizes too small for air molecules to travel through, inhibiting the transfer of heat and enabling world-class performance.

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