Residential Folding Glass Walls

Residential Folding Glass Walls

Residential folding glass walls can be placed virtually anywhere in a home. These glass partitions can be used for exterior applications, where there will be contact with wind and water, or used as interior operable partition applications where there is no contact with the elements. Folding glass walls are accordion style doors, or bifold doors, which fold left, right, or are split between middle panels to create a unique opening glass wall.

These doors can be used for residential and commercial applications, interior and exterior spaces, and high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) requirements. Several of our doors have passed Florida hurricane ratings and are certified for both Florida State Impact and Miami Dade.

Residential folding doors are not limited to the house. This system can be fitted into pool enclosures, garages, and sheds. When the glass partition is folded open, you are presented with ample space for a lawn mower or car to pass through into the building. You can add an operable panel into the unit, depending on the configuration of the doors. This door allows you to pass through one panel, like a terrace door, instead of opening the entire unit.

All residential folding glass walls are constructed out of sturdy aluminum. This allows for a durable frame that will not warp, rot, or need constant finish maintenance. There are eight standard colors available, along with any custom color your job may require. Wood veneer can also be applied to the aluminum frame in various species. All veneers are provided unfinished, which allows the customer to find the perfect stain or clear finish for their doors.

The glass that goes into the frame is always customized to your specifications. Any industry available glass can be utilized in your folding glass walls. Common choices include LowE glazings, which help maintain a constant temperature in the room. The LowE glasses also help cut down on fading to furniture and window treatments. Other common glazing choices are acid etched, frosted, and art glass. Grids, both interior and exterior, can be added to your doors in numerous patterns. Screening options are available to ensure the walls are the perfect match for each application.

The unit will be manufactured in our Pennsylvania factory after the residential folding glass wall is designed. Your lead times and shipping costs will tend to be lower compared to other suppliers, because the doors are made right here in the United States.

If you have purchased a folding door in the past from one of our competitors, the Solar Innovations, Inc. team can easily aid in adjustment or repair of the unit (View our Parts and Services Page to learn more).

The same team can install new doors, or you can purchase, based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself  installation kits,” where only the product is purchased from our factory, and the installation is completed by the purchaser. Whatever the project, Solar Innovations can help you achieve the ideal set of folding glass walls or bi-fold doors for your home.

Advantages of Solar’s Folding Glass Walls

» Folding Glass Walls completely manufactured in the United States of America.

» In-house Design and Engineering Professionals.

» All folding glass walls are custom manufactured.

» Highest testing for largest sizes available on the market today.

» Vast selection of custom hardware available.

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