Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors, Multi-Slides, Multi-Track Doors, Multi-Pocketing Doors, 90 degree, & Sliding Patio Doors

Solar Innovations®’s sliding glass doors are available in five standard configurations and countless custom configurations to create unique living spaces at your home or business. Maximum panel sizes over 15′ tall are available (dependent on engineering requirements). These systems can incorporate automatic motorized functionality.  Units can be further customized with several decorative options, as well as screen and shade systems.

Commercial Multi-Sliding Doors

Solar Innovations®’s sliding glass doors provide the perfect entrance to any business, restaurant, or resort. Commercial applications can include a pocketed option to remove the panels completely from view.  This integration is especially useful when incorporating a sliding glass door system as an interior dividing wall in commercial applications such as conference rooms, hotel banquet rooms, and adjustable classroom settings.  They can be customized with glass options or solid infill panels to create unique and versatile solutions.

Residential Multi-Sliding Doors

Sliding door systems are a unique feature for your home and can be used to expand the view of a bedroom, patio, living room, or even be used as an entryway between two interior rooms. Solar Innovations®’s sliding glass doors are available in both aluminum and vinyl-composite framing to meet the needs of each residential application. When the engineering allows, a pocket system can be added so the doors are completely hidden from view while open, creating an unobstructed view. Solar Innovations® also recommends the addition of a screen system for residential applications; both pet and insect screens are available to meet the individual needs of the specific project.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

sliding_door_2All of Solar’s door systems are made from durable aluminum and are available in both thermal and non-thermal frames. This flexibility makes them suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Solar has eight standard finish selections, including two anodized options, which have a stronger finish than paint and are ideal for commercial doors or windows. Wood and metal cladding are also available, as well as custom color matching to accommodate any number of applications. Sliding glass door systems can be designed with several custom decorative features including: grids, simulated divided lites (SDLs), interior muntins, horizontal mullions, and applied radius or Gothic corners.

Motorized Option

Solar also offers a motorized option for our sliding glass doors. This functionality is exceptionally useful when the system incorporates extremely tall or wide panels. There is also a specialized “crawl mode” feature that slows the door before closing to prevent harsh impact, similar to soft closing cabinets and doors. Motorized doors can be controlled several ways, including: wall mounted switches, exterior security keypads, or by remote control. Solar Innovations®’s motorized sliding system can also be incorporated into an existing sliding glass wall system.


Solar’s acoustical sliding glass door system is the ideal solution for projects that have high sound transmission class (STC) requirements. Though acoustic values are typically specific to the glazing selection, the construction of the frame can greatly influence the acoustical performance. Solar’s acoustical sliding glass door system allows for a 1 38” insulated glazing unit and is a standout product in the industry because it combines enhanced acoustical performance, superior thermal performance, and outstanding functionality.

coverpage1Series SI8000 thermally enhanced muilt-track sliding door system is suitable for commercial and residential applications. Multiple sill options provide outstanding performance and design versatility. Telescoping sliding door system provides operability to open up entire exterior or interior elevations.

The system offers exceptional air, water, structural, and thermal performance in any condition. Multiple sill options and profile dimensions provide greater performance and design flexibility. Customization of product profiles, hardware, sills, panel size, and testing can be completed upon request.



Weather tight jamb interlock provides outstanding
air and water performance
No post 90 degree corner units
Unlimited number of fixed and sliding panels Pocket sliding: single or double sided
Multiple sill options Tile sill for uninterrupted tile floor conditions
Accommodates monolithic and insulated glazing
infills from 3/16″ to 1 3/8″
Custom finishes:
Motorized panels possible Powder coat finish: AAMA 2604-2605
Multiple hardware options and finishes Fluoropolymer (50% or 70%): AAMA 2604-2605
Multiple roller sizes allow oversized panels Veneer and cladding options
LEED friendly system including recycled content Dual color or dual finish options
AAMA 2603 Standard Finishes:
Hartford Green, Bronze, Black, Natural Clay, White, Sandstone
Decorative interior and exterior low profile grids
Class I Anodized: Dark Bronze, Clear Insect screen options: sliding, retractable
Maximum size dependent upon engineering requirements Factory installed sill drain tubes, if required
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Designed to accommodate almost any monolithic, insulated, laminated, decorative, polycarbonate, or solid panel infill
  • Pocketing – all panels slide into a pocket hidden within a wall; all panels can either slide to one side or be split so that half slide to the right and half slide to the left
  • Dual track – one operable panel slides behind a fixed panel
  • Multi-Track – two or more panels slide behind a fixed panel
  • No post – two sliding door systems join together at either a 90 degree or 135 degree corner without using a post at the point of connection
  • Radius – panels slide on a radial track

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