Wood Sunrooms

Nothing can beat the warmth and grace of a warm natural wood interior in your sunroom. Solar Innovations® offers a wide variety of options in wood sunrooms to create a summer feel all year round. Whether you want traditional or modern, Solar can customize all wood interior panels to match existing architectural elements on your house.

Thermal efficiency tends to be higher with a wooden structure because wood allows for lower U-values. The lowered U-value means that the room will maintain a more even temperature and will not lose as much heat in the cold winter months. All of Solar Innovations® systems are thermally isolated which prevents the metal frame from touching the glass at any point.

Wood Sunrooms from Solar Innovations

Our advanced aluminum weep system carries water and condensation away from the wood, which increases the longevity of the structure. A solid

wood structure is typically utilized with smaller structures that have spans of 12’0” or less. Any span over 12’0” would be recommended to utilize glulam. A solid wooden structure is recommended for structures that are going to be stained, and glulam i

s used for painted structures.

Interior Finishes

Wood interiors can be composed of a solid wood or glulam interior and maintenance free aluminum exterior. Our structures are available in solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar. Upon special request, structure interiors can be finished with laminates of Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, and Northern White Pine (straight eave applications only), and Douglas Fir. Redwood and Cherry may be integrated into your skylight depending on final engineering requirements.

Owners can stain the structure themselves if they would like or Solar Innovations® can complete the staining using a 3-5 coat microporous sealer. The first coat seals/protects the wood. The second coat stains the wood and the third coat is a finishing coat. With the addition of decorative trims and other accessories, the potential of Solar Innovations® wood systems are limitless. Solar Innovations® will prepare the wood surface for final finishing with a protective water based sealer that helps minimize damage and discoloration during delivery and installation. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly maintain the finish on the wood to preserve the warranty.