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Curtain Walls

vg_1Curtain walls by Solar Innovations® can be utilized in commercial and residential applications. Commercial applications are most often designed, engineered, and installed by Solar as storefronts. Curtain walls are an excellent way to bring natural light into a room while remaining protected from  the elements.  In residential applications, curtain walls can be constructed for exterior walls that showcase a beautiful view, interior partitions between rooms, as well as secondary structures, such as pool houses or garden sheds.

All curtain walls manufactured by Solar are constructed out of durable aluminum. The benefit of an aluminum curtain wall is the reduction in required maintenance. Aluminum curtain walls will not rot, rust, warp, expand with heat, or require constant finishing.  Curtain walls are listed on the Construction Specifications Institute website under the MasterFormat.

Solar Innovations® offers eight standard frame finish colors and unfinished aluminum; custom finish options are available at an additional cost. All Solar Innovations® curtain wall frames are custom built to meet the exact dimensions of your opening.

Numerous glazing options are available for your curtain wall. LowE tints are a popular choice because they limit UV penetration, which cuts down on the fading of furniture, window treatments, and counter tops. LowE glazing options are also energy efficient and greatly assist in maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature within the room. Polycarbonate can also be utilized in curtain walls to provide a clean line and a modern appearance. There are several colors available in varying thicknesses.

Decorative glazing options are available for unique situations such as an interior dividing wall when the end user needs to create privacy from an adjoining room. Acid etch glazing and sandblast finishes are decorative glazing solutions that can be added to curtain walls to meet specific design requirements. Another option is spandrel glass, which is painted to block all visibility. Decorative elements are often added to curtain walls and Gridwork can be used to add architectural interest and allow the glass panels to match the rest of an existing residence.

Exterior grids and interior muntins are also available in Solar Innovations®’s curtain walls. The exterior grids are located outside the glass and are traditional in style. Interior muntins are located between the two panes of glass and provide the end user with a bit of contemporary flare.  Interior muntins are very useful for hard to reach places or locations that come into contact with a lot of dirt, such as in front of a windowsill that houses plants. Multiple patterns are available, including a traditional 6 over 3 (or any custom number you would like) radius and Gothic grids.

After a design is finalized, Solar Innovations® or one of our certified installation crews can complete the installation of the curtain wall. Based on the scope of your project, there are also “do-it-yourself” installation kits available for those who wish to buy factory direct and then complete the installation of the curtain walls themselves.

Timber Walls

vg_2Our Timber Wall curtain wall system has been skillfully created to accommodate all design conditions, whether they be vertical, sloped, or custom skylight. Consistent with all of our quality products, Timber Walls dependably maintain a high level of performance through their positive drainage principles and thermally-broken aluminum profiles. The innovative Timber Walls combine the warmth and beauty of a natural wood interior with the durability and longevity of an aluminum exterior to create the perfect solution for those seeking a high-performing, green building system.

This system allows for greater spanning capability than its solid wood predecessor, the two inch by seven inch system. The glu laminate design provides greater flexibility in both span and appearance, as well as in the number of wood species available. By utilizing glu laminate as an alternative to solid wood beams, younger trees, planted with the intent of early harvest, can be used to create the structural members. The glu lam system also allows for an increased range of species, as creating the desired size members can be easily achieved. When several pieces of wood are melded together to create the structural members, the strength of the system is increased. Finally, by using glu lam, customers are able to incorporate their wood of choice without compromising their budget.

The uncompromising aesthetic design flexibility and thermal performance of Solar’s Timber Walls is achieved primarily through the use of the aluminum glazing system attached to the wood interior. This aluminum system creates a superior barrier to the elements, limiting the wood’s exposure to any type of precipitation or wind. Solar Innovations®’s unique weep system allows water to run through the aluminum gutters, channeling water away from the curtain wall and effectively preventing any leakage into the system.

Solar’s Timber Walls are pressure equalized systems. This is achieved by overlapping the horizontal profiles with the vertical profiles. The unobstructed flow from horizontal to vertical is key to the construction of this pressure equalized curtain wall. In addition, the wood in the Timber Walls is the main component of structural support, as it stiffens the system and carries the dead-load from the glazing.

Timber Walls are available in three different widths: 2 inch wide wood with 2 inch wide aluminum profile, 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch wide wood with 2 1/2 inch aluminum profile, and 3 inch wide wood with 3 inch wide aluminum profile. The 2 inch (4′ x 8′ panel) and 2 1/2 inch (5′ x 10′ panel) Timber Walls are both being tested for hurricane applications; a 4 by 10 system has been hurricane certified, and a 5 by 10 system is in the process of being certified.

These Timber Walls may also be integrated with Solar Innovation®’s conservatories, greenhouses, sunrooms, and additional products. Our extensive line of operable windows and doors can be incorporated into the new Timber Wall.

Glazing options include glass and polycarbonate. Wood species available with Timber Walls are solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar and glu-laminates of Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine. Upon special request, additional wood species may be available. Aluminum exterior finishes for the Timber Wall are available in Solar Innovations®’ seven standard colors of White, Bronze, Hartford Green, Black, Sandstone, Natural Clay, and Mill (unpainted) and two anodized colors of Dark Bronze Anodized and Clear Anodized. Custom colors are also available upon request.

We will be happy to assist you or answer any questions. For more information on Solar Innovations®’ Timber Walls or aluminum curtain walls, contact a Sales Representative at 800.618.0669 or email us at

* Please note: Any Solar Innovations® operable feature should not be operated when there is snow, ice, or any other non-natural weight on the structure. Operable features must remain free of debris for proper operation. Operable features should not be operated when the wind is blowing in excess of 50 mph, based on an exposure rating of B. Failure to comply with these limitations will void the warranty on the operable features and any component thereof.

Series SI5000W wood and aluminum facade system is suitable for for vertical and slope glazed commercial and residential applications. The glulam interior with thermally enhanced aluminum exterior glazing system offers superior air, water, structural, and thermal performance.



Completely factory-engineered and fabricated system Operable window and door inserts with a
matching wood veneer
2″, 2 ½”, and 3″ profile widths Wood members custom milled or shaped
Outside set, pressure-glazed system Custom wood finishes
Vertical wall, slope glazed, and skylight applications Custom finishes:
Glazing infills from 3/16″ to 1 1/2″; thicker glass
options depending upon engineering
Class I Anodized: Dark Bronze, Clear
Custom designed shear blocks for easy assembly Powder coat finish: AAMA 2603-2604
Standard wood finish Fluoropolymer (50% or 70%): AAMA 2604-2605
Standard aluminum finishes: AAMA 2603 Veneer and cladding options
Duracron: Hartford Green, Bronze, Black, Natural Clay, White, Sandstone Multiple decorative cover caps in aluminum or
LEED friendly system including recycled content 2- or 4- side SSG glazing options
FSC certified wood available upon request Aluminum and/or wood horizontal members
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.