Wood Conservatories

Wood Conservatories

Authentic English Showpieces

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers wooden conservatories to diversify our existing aluminum line of structures. Wood conservatories can be used for multiple applications. Common uses include dining space, work areas, or a gathering space. The space’s use will create the function of the interior. A wooden conservatory will provide a classic English element to your home. Each conservatory is an authentic English showpiece, manufactured in the United Kingdom and shipped to your home for installation.

By using wood to construct your conservatory, a familiar aesthetic is established in the room’s design. Most homes are constructed of wood, allowing your conservatory to blend into preexisting construction easily. Wood possess a warm visual appearance and physical touch; it also acts as an excellent insulator.

Wood conservatories can be manufactured to fit any custom size; each structure is built to your exact sizes and configurations. A double pitch conservatory featuring a gable end can easily be designed; lean-to, hip end, conservatory nose, and custom bespoke conservatory designs are also available. Lanterns and dormers are commonly implemented into transitional wooden English conservatories.

A citrus greenhouse is a common application, featuring traditional wooden walls and a skylight roof. These classic designs feature masonry walls and can be used to create a historically accurate structure.

Glass used in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s wooden conservatories is insulated, tempered in the walls, and laminated on the roof. These types of glass will add strength to the glazing in case it should suffer an impact. LowE tints are available and come with a standard Stainless Steel spacer. Shading is a often used in wooden conservatories; several shading options are available to help control interior temperature of the structure.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers “design build projects.” If you are debating the addition of a conservatory to your home, our professional design staff will gladly assist you. Our team with will work with you to create the correct design for your property, designing around your intended use and existing home. Our in-house experts will assist you in creating a conservatory that matches your home’s aesthetics. You will be provided with line drawings, elevations, interior floor plans, and, when needed, renderings.

Members of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team can also provide site visits to the future location of the conservatory to inspect the structure’s proposed location. All wooden conservatories engineered by Solar Innovations, Inc. to local codes including: snow, wind, and water.

A wooden English conservatory achieves its class style through the addition of decorative ornamentation. Wooden conservatories feature intricate detailing that is not always possible with aluminum or vinyl. Ridge cresting and finial options are available for the conservatory roof. Grids can be added to the windows in either a true divided style or a simulated divided option. Base panels are another common element of an English greenhouse. Columns can line the exterior or interior of the conservatory and profiled rafters, along with detailed moldings, are often present on the interior of the conservatory.

By crafting a wooden conservatory with Solar Innovations, Inc., the home owner is ensuring American service and European style. The conservatory is manufactured in England but is installed by Solar Innovations, Inc. This provides quick response times to any future service issues. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s knowledge and manufacturing resources are extensive, offering the best service this side of the Atlantic.

To speak with a Conservatory Consultant, please contact: skylight@solarinnovations.com or 800-618-0669