3 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Home

Reducing energy consumption in your home can be accomplished by implementing a few strategies and making a conscious effort to adhere to green practices. Located below are a few suggestions to make your home more energy efficient.

Turn off and Unplug

If you’re not using something, turn it off, or better yet, unplug it. Electronics continue to draw power when they’re asleep or on standby, so if you’re done using it, unplug it. This applies to all electronics and appliances, including battery powered devices – when the battery is full, unplug the charger.


Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs give off the same amount of light as traditional bulbs. Place your lamps in corners, where they will be able to bounce light off two walls instead of one. You may also want to investigate adding a timer to your lights on a timer, so they will turn off automatically when no one is using them.

Heating and Cooling

In the summer, substitute your air conditioners for ceiling fans and open windows. This is also the season to remove rugs and enjoy your bare tile and wood floors. If you can’t live without an air conditioner, be sure to change the filters and give it a tune-up yearly to assure peak performance.

When winter rolls around leave your thermostat set at 65-68 degrees. Only raise the temperature one degree at a time, when absolutely necessary.Cover up wooden and tile flooring with the rugs. Properly insulating your home will also inhibit the entry of cold air.

It’s easy to reduce your energy consumption just by making a few changes to your everyday routine. For more information, contact us today at

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