4 Benefits of Using Anodized Aluminum from Solar Innovations

If you’re looking for a product finish that is resistant to corrosion and typical wear and tear, anodized aluminum may be the solution you’re after.The anodizing process is used to finish aluminum via oxidation and adds a protective layer on top of the metal. The coating is made when direct electrical current passes through the aluminum, decomposes water, and liberates oxygen on the surface of the metal. When the oxygen combines with the aluminum, a transparent and microscopically porous layer of aluminum oxide is formed as the coating.Solar Innovations® currently offers two anodized finishes: clear and dark bronze.  Here are a few benefits of having an anodized finish applied:
  • Anodized finishes offer an exceptional resistance to abrasion, which is far superior to paint since it cannot chip or peel.
  • The anodized finishes are unaffected by ultraviolet light rays, so it won’t fade over time.
  • Unlike stainless steel, anodized aluminum will not show fingerprints and is very easy to maintain. Another benefit is that it resists scratching, which increases its value when it’s being processed, installed, or cleaned.
  • The anodizing process is safe and does no harm to human health. It also has very little environmental impact and is fully recyclable without the risks associated with organic coatings.
If you have any questions about any of Solar Innovations®’ anodized finishes or any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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