Advantages of Solar’s G3 Monster Wall System

Solar Innovations, Inc. is known for our custom designs and unique products. Solar is constantly raising the bar and creating bigger, better systems.

The G3 versatile system has a variety of customizable components. It can contain anywhere from two to twenty panels in both in-fold and out-fold configurations, and transoms, sidelites, pivot, and French or terrace doors can be included with matching site lines to create a seamless transition across the entire wall.

The major difference between our G2 and G3 systems occurs within the framework, which is now three inches deep and uses dual wheel trolleys that allow for heavier panels with easier mobility.

Solar Innovations, Inc. currently offers the largest impact certified folding doors at 3 1/2′ wide x 9 1/2′ tall. Our products are tested by nationally recognized third parties in our in-house test lab in Pine Grove, PA. Please visit Solar’s G3 System webpage for photos, hardware details, or links to additional door configurations.

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