Utilizing an Interior Partition to Create a Man Cave

Creating a man cave in a home with limited extra space can be a challenging task. When dividing a house, family members are often required to negotiate between wants and needs, and sometimes one or more family members will have to settle for less space. Installing an interior partition wall, such as a Solar Innovations, Inc. folding glass wall, will allow users to divide a large space into additional rooms.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can design an interior partition as a folding or sliding glass wall.  The panels can also be designed with a more private option, such as polycarbonate, wood, or aluminum infill. The wall can be engineered to include a swing door, which allows users to enter and exit the room without being required to open the entire interior partition wall. For people who want a completely open floor plan when the wall is open, the interior partition can be designed to stack behind a door or another remote location. For users interested in taking advantage of passive solar lighting, a folding glass wall in a room with ample windows, skylights, and other natural lighting options will reduce the need for man-made lighting and maximize solar energy.

Determining where to setup a man cave in a home with limited space can be a challenge, but incorporating an interior partition into a large room will ensure no one has to sacrifice personal space. Talk to a Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Representative for more information on interior partition walls and how they can maximize space in a structure.

Folding Glass Walls create unique interior diving walls and interior partitions