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What to Feed Your Chickens this Winter?

October 27, 2017

Feeding chickens, the proper diet during the winter months organically is hard to do at times. However, a vegetable used in the 1800’s, called Mangel, is gaining traction with today’s organic growers. This beet resembles a large white turnip with reddish green vegetation. Throughout the 1800`s grains were too expensive for people to purchase for […] Read More

Preparing Your Greenhouse for Winter Lighting

Greenhouse winter plants and lighting
October 13, 2017

As fall comes to a close your greenhouse plant’s lighting needs will change for winter. Most tropical plants go into a slowdown or dormancy stage of growing when the daylight gets shorter. Follow the below tips to keep plants from withering or dyeing during these rough months. Find the sunniest location to place them Always […] Read More

Project Spotlight: reACT Solar Decathlon Sunroom

reACT University of Maryland Sunroom
October 11, 2017

Recently Solar Innovations got a call from Team Maryland to assist in building a sunroom for their Solar Decathlon 2017 house. For the Solar Decathalon students from various colleges were tasked with designing and constructing a full-size, solar-powered house. Team Maryland created Resilient Adaptive Climate Technology (reACT) to showcase how a sustainable future is more than […] Read More