Which is better for your project: Aluminum or Wood?

Deciding which medium to use when it comes to windows and doors shouldn’t be confusing. Solar Innovations offers two design choices – aluminum and wood. Each has benefits that one needs to consider but, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, fenestration and budget. If you are having trouble deciding, check out our comparisons below or converse with one of our knowledgeable project managers.

Aluminum Stacking Glass Wall - Residential


Aluminum products are some of the strongest in the industry. Every product line from Solar has the aluminum option. Furthermore, aluminum is also recognized for its sustainable nature, allowing for larger sizes and in addition, lasts longer than any other material.  We provide Doors & Windows, Glass Structures, and Skylights in aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum:

  • Provides durability and strength for a third of the density of steel
  • Will not rot, rust, warp, expand with heat
  • Doesn’t require constant finishing
  • Includes both pre- and post-consumer recycled content
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in 4 stock finishes and 4 designer finishes
  • Custom color match also available

Find out more about our aluminum doors and windows.

Wood Curtain Wall - Commercial Hospital

Solid Wood

Our wood products complement any project with our all wood nature allowing you to clad and stain your products to the exact match you’re looking for on either the interior or exterior.  Wood continues to be a popular choice. Also, cladded aluminum options are available.

Advantages of wood:

  • Warmth and natural beauty unlike other building materials
  • Traditional rafter profiles, moldings, trims, and decorative elements are optional add-ons
  • Higher thermal efficiency due to low U-values
  • Flexible Glazing system with advanced weep system available with wood structures and systems (keeps water and condensation away from wood)

Solar Innovations® only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations®does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors, for durability purposes and hardware limitations.