Residential skylight
Residential Skylights by Solar Innovations® Allow You To View The Sun & Stars From The Comfort Of Your Own Home The addition of a Solar Innovations® skylight to your home can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Natural daylight can enter the space and illuminate an area. In the dead of winter, natural daylight can help improve a person’s physical and mental health. When properly positioned, daylight can span into all corners of the space and remove dark, harsh shadows. At the same time, blinds are available to adjust the amount of daylight let into the space. A skylight by Solar Innovations® can be retrofitted into your home’s roof. Repairing and replacing skylights manufactured by other companies are also services that Solar Innovations® provides. Each residential skylight can be customized to fit your home’s needs, whether it be a brand new skylight or repairing and/or retrofitting operable vents into an existing one.
Single Slope Skylight
All sizes, shapes, and design requirements, including Florida hurricane ratings, can typically be met. The color and finish of the skylight can also be customized to match your homes color schemes. There are eight standard colors available and any custom color that you may like. The glazing used within the skylight can also be selected for the customers requirements. Interior wood options are available in numerous wood species. Copper cladding, lead coated copper, and stainless steel cladding are available for a highly decorative look. Solar Innovations® offers the widest array of decorative options for skylights including ridge cresting, gridwork, and finials.
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Any industry available glass or polycarbonate can be utilized in your skylight. Low-e glass types are recommended for residential applications since they filter light and uv rays from entering the room. By reducing these rays the amount of fading to furniture and window treatments is minimized. There are many low-e glazings choices that range from completely transparent to tinted lamination which almost eliminates all UV pentration.The hassle of cleaning the skylight’s glass has always been a heavy consideration when installing a skylight in a residential home. There is new glass technology available in Solar Innovations® skylights which helps keep the glass looking clean. A specific additive is used during the manufacturing process which greatly reduces the amount of dirt and build up on the glass by filling microscopic pores with glass.
Straight Eave Double Pitch Skylight with hip ends
Every skylight constructured of durable aluminum which will endure exposure to the elements. Very little maintenance is required for the skylight to last for years to come. The silicone seals on the skylights are designed so they do not rot, crack, or fail which means our units are virtually leak-free. When properly installed our standard glass comes with a twenty year warranty against seal failure when utilizing a stainless steel spacer(Solar Innovations® standard practice). If you are looking for ventilation and air flow into your space, Solar Innovations® provides operable venting options. Retractable and operable functions are available. To see a full description of the functions please visit our Operable Skylights and our Retracting Skylights pages.Solar Innovations can provide curb mount skylights for ease of installation. These skylights are lifted from ground and placed on the curb with only fastening to be completed upon arrival. Products can be shipped pre-assembled pre-glazed or pre-assembled, not pre-glazed, depending upon need. Size restrictions apply; minimum Solar Innovations curb requirement of 4”.
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