Solar Innovations, Inc. Garden Windows

Although a greenhouse is a rewarding investment, sometimes people just don’t have the space or plants for an entire greenhouse. Garden windows, or greenhouse windows, from Solar Innovations, Inc. are the perfect solution for hobby gardeners who aren’t quite ready to take on a full-fledged greenhouse.

Garden windows usually project outward from a structure to create a shelf or series of shelves to set plants on that will allow them to reach their full growing potential. They are essentially miniature greenhouses, so you can grow almost any plant in them. Some gardeners use them for growing herbs, orchids, and other houseplants, and they are ideal for starting seeds in the late wintertime.

Traditionally, garden windows are designed with a lean-to shape, but Solar can create custom shapes, such as hip ends or double pitches, to suit your individual preference. All garden windows are custom, so there are no specific designs or sizes for customers to adhere to.

Garden windows are the ideal economical alternative for those gardeners who want to extend their growing space, but cannot commit to a full-sized greenhouse. An existing bay window can even be converted into a garden window by adding shelving. Furthermore, if the garden window is under 100 sq. ft., a structure’s exisiting heating and cooling system can suit its ventilation needs, eliminating the need for ridge vents or operable windows.

We offer aluminum garden windows that can be any shape and size and customized with gridwork or other decorative glass options. Extend your growing capabilities with a Solar Innovations, Inc. garden window.