Solar Innovations, Inc. is expanding Composite-Vinyl production

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s manufacturing space is constantly expanding to keep up with the new product innovations and manufacturing capabilities. Solar is currently finishing construction on the expansion of building 2, located in Pine Grove, PA at Solar’s three-building corporate campus. The building expansion will create increased storage space and house the growing composite vinyl line. The space that is currently dedicated to the composite vinyl operation is located on the second floor of building 1’s manufacturing facility. Because of the location, projects are required to be moved to and from the shop floor via freight elevator or forklift. The new location will allow the vinyl team more room to work and provide adequate space for more equipment, both of which will greatly increase overall process flow and allow Solar Innovations® to continue expanding its manufacturing capabilities.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Building 2 Expansion

Composite Vinyl manufacturing increase by Solar Innovations, Inc.