Solar Innovations, Inc. Offers Complementary Expo Passes to the 2015 IBS Show

Solar Innovations, Inc. would like to offer its loyal customers, vendors, and business associates complementary expo passes to the 2015 NAHB International Builders Show occurring January 20-22 in Las Vegas. Interested parties can follow the instructions below  to register for complementary passes.

Click here to register. 

  1. Visit
  2. Select the appropriate choice below. Then, click “Continue.”
  3. Fill in the appropriate information boxes and click “Continue.” Please note for the “Country” box should remain blank if you are in the United States.
  4. The next page will display your information and pending purchases(which should be $0.00). Click “Attendee Registration.”
  5. Answer the following questions about your business activities, to the best of your ability, then click “Continue.”
  6. The next set of questions will refer to “Networking.” Click the boxes you are interested in and click “Continue.” You must select at least one.
  7. On the “Registration” screen, select the Expo Pass (as seen below) to receive your complimentary pass. Then click “Continue”.
  8. You should see a check mark by “Attendee Registration.” If you would like to add any other additional services, feel free to select them at this time. When you are finished, click “Checkout.”
  9. Acknowledgement – You will receive a confirmation email with all of your information. Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends you save/print this confirmation letter for your records. After doing so, feel free to log out. Your registration is now complete.
PLEASE NOTE: Manufacturers and Software Provider registrants are not eligible.
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