Case Study: 14-04-335 – Using Skylights to Brighten Dining Areas


Solar Innovations® was challenged to design a structure that would bring daylight directly into an open dining area of the renovated fourth floor of the member club. The club desired a bright and open place for members to dine.The structure had to work harmoniously with the factory’s existing industrial feel, of weathered brickwork, rough timbers, coarse metals, and exposed ductwork and piping.  A series of steel trusses paced the ceiling at even intervals.  As a final condition, the structure would have to facilitate unwanted heat gains.


In an effort to meet all of these desires Solar Innovations® provided a retractable, double pitch skylight for over the dining space.  In order to match the pacing of the steel trusses below Solar Innovations® designed the skylight with alternating heavy and 2×4 bars, utilizing the thickness of the heavy bars to enunciate the rhythm of the trusses.  Coupled with the interior design scheme (which populated the space above the tables with hanging plants and lighting fixtures) and the existing industrial feeling of the factory, the aluminum structure tied the space together cohesively.The double pitch skylight welcomed daylight in from both the Northern and Southern skies.  The specified LoE glazing prevented harmful ultra violet radiation from entering the room.  As a retractable, it also enabled occupants to pull back portions of the skylight; allowing rising warm air to void from the room, cooling the interior.  This created the perfect, naturally lit, indoor environment for the member club to utilize for its dining space.

Project Details

Series: G2 Straight-Eave, Double-Pitch Skylight with Twelve Retractable Skylight Bays and one Gable EndFinish: Dark Bronze AnodizedGlazing: 1” LoE 272 Insulated Glazing
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