How Wooden Structures Can Warm Up Your Space

Did you know that Solar Innovations® provides wood products in addition to glass?

From wooden sunrooms, conservatories, and skylights, to simply a wood-type finish, Solar constantly strives to meet every customer’s aesthetic need.

While our aluminum greenhouses and conservatories tend to be Solar’s most popular products, we always like to remind customers that there are several benefits to using a wood finish or application in your project. Here are a few things that could help you to make your decision:

  • Wood interior tends to bring a certain aesthetic to a space. Most homes are already constructed of wood, so your wooden structure or addition will seamlessly be able to blend into the preexisting design of your space. Whether the wood interior is used to match existing designs or to bring visual warmth, Solar knows that you will be pleased with the result. Common uses include dining areas, work areas, or gathering spaces.
  • In addition to the added aesthetic, wooden interior structures also offer customers the flexibility of staining customization. Owners can stain the wood themselves or Solar can complete the work using 3 to 5 coats of microporous sealer.
  • While you’re basking in the warmth of your wooden sunroom or conservatory, you can also find comfort in knowing that the wooden interior of your structure is offering a higher thermal efficiency than most other types of structures. Since wood allows for lower U-values, your space will maintain a more even temperature. This will help your space to retain more heat in the cold winter months.
  • Almost all of Solar’s products will allow for faux wood, wood veneering, or wood clad finishes. These finishes are ideal for anyone that may enjoy the wood aesthetic, but may not want their wood to look aged over time. With various wood finishes and colors available, spaces can also keep the durable aluminum exterior and still have that warmth added to their space.

Unless there is an overhang to provide protection to the exterior structure, Solar Innovations® recommends that wood only be used for interior purposes but not for high moisture environments, like pool enclosures. This simply insures that your project will hold up through all elements and last you for years to come.