Introducing Solar’s Vinyl-Composite Doors & Windows Line

Vinyl-Composite Doors & Windows are increasing in demand in both the commercial and residential applications for their high performance, low maintenance, and design flexibility. When closed, these doors and windows provide outstanding thermal and acoustical performance, creating a comfortable indoor environment year round and significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. Vinyl-composite framing requires minimal maintenance; it is moisture resistant and will not rust, warp, or rot over time. Large chambers can accommodate reinforcement inserts for spacious openings in commercial applications, and multiple locking points are available.


Solar Innovations® now offers a line of uPVC vinyl-composite bi-folding doors, also known as a folding glass wall.  This type of door is the perfect solution to highlight a panoramic view or achieve an indoor/outdoor experience.  As an effective insulator, vinyl-composite bi-fold doors achieve excellent thermal performance, making them an energy efficient product that can help reduce utility bills in a home or business. Terrace or French Doors can be integrated into the folding walls, allowing the user to easily enter and exit a room without opening the entire unit.


Our high end Vinyl-Composite Sliding Glass Door System allows for up to four panels wide on a dual track system. These doors offer excellent water barrier performance, exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency, and durability that makes it a strong choice for your next project. With narrow and wide rail options and impact rated availability, Solar Innovations® Vinyl-Composite Sliding Glass Doors are flexible and ideal choices for both residential and commercial applications.

Vinyl-Composite uPVC Sliding Glass Door


Vinyl-Composite Terrace and French Doors are ideal for both commercial and residential applications with energy efficiency requirements. Both configurations have a durable uPVC framing that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Transoms and side lights can be added to the uPVC doors with ease.  The vinyl frame will not rot, warp, or rust like many other systems. Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold through the framing and into the interior room, which helps create an energy efficient home or business.

uPVC French Doors


Though we offer a variety of fixed and operable Vinyl-Composite Windows, our Vinyl-Composite Tilt Turn Windows are one of the most popular. A Tilt Turn Window offers two separate operation functions; turn the handle to the side and open the window as a hopper, or turn the handle upward to open as a casement. The hopper position provides additional safety by minimizing the accessible open space; however, the casement option allows for larger airflow into a room. This window offers flexibility, air circulation options, and safety with all the energy efficient and low maintenance properties of vinyl-composite.

Vinyl-composite units require minimal maintenance and make re-painting unnecessary. In addition to great energy efficiency and superior acoustical performance, the vinyl-composite product line offers durability, moisture and rot resistance, and matching sightlines among windows and doors. Contact your sales representative today for more information on this impressive line of materials.