Solar Panel and Photovoltaic Integration

The Solar Innovations® design team can assist in the integration of active and passive solar energy into your next project.

Passive solar energy utilizes architectural and design aspects of a structure to harness heat from the sun to warm a space. The sun’s heat can be stored during the day and slowly released at night by including flooring and wall panels that retain heat, while keeping energy costs down. By optimizing the glass make-up, Solar Heat Gain (SHG) can be controlled, as well as the amount of light entering the structure.

Active solar energy utilizes photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity from the sun. Solar Innovations® has completed several projects that integrate PV technology either directly into the glass structure or as an extension of the system. Photovoltaic panels are commonly used in glazed structures as the main source of electricity for the new space. Current developments in glass technology make it possible to integrate PV cells directly into the glass, allowing for partial light transmittance without changing the overall aesthetic of the structure.

Integrating PV panels into your project can be made easier and more secure by installing clamps from Universal® Clamps, Solar Innovations®’ sister company. These patented metal roofing and siding clamps are designed to attach racking systems to your structure without damaging the roofing material. Whether you are looking to attach PV panels directly onto your Solar Innovations® glazed structure or onto your existing project, Universal® Clamps will provide a safe, strong solution for many years to come.