Wood Structures

Wood Conservatories

Wood conservatories are a practical option for those with more wood in their home or business. Because of the complete customization’s we can build into your structure, including any glazing options your trying to achieve, wood conservatories are a beautiful addition to your space.

Wood Sunrooms

Wood and sunrooms go hand in hand when a homeowner has a space that is filled and built mostly around wood. Because of our enormous selection of styles of wood and configuration options this type of structure is very popular when it comes to having a small footprint.

Wood Curtain Walls

Wood Curtain Walls, or Timber Walls, innovatively combine the warmth and beauty of a natural wood interior with the durability and longevity of an aluminum exterior to create the perfect solution for those seeking a high-performing, sustainable building system. The unobstructed flow from horizontal to vertical is key to the construction of this pressure equalized curtain wall.