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Case Study: 11-06-295 Using 90º Operable Skylights to Increase Daylighting

90 degree operable skylight
November 3, 2016

Challenge A residential client approached Solar Innovations® to design and install a skylight on their existing sunroom in Brooklyn, New York. The sunroom is located next to a city backstreet, and the client was looking for a design that would maximize the positive effects of daylighting while avoiding the unappealing views of the adjacent street. […] Read More

Case Study: 13-02-343 Using Operable Wall Systems to Connect Residence and Landscape

October 20, 2016

Challenge While constructing a contemporary style residential project, an architecture firm reached out to Solar Innovations® to design and manufacture a series of corresponding doors and windows. The project site is nestled on a wooded lot between the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Island Sound, necessitating fenestration with high thermal performance and weatherproofing. The residence […] Read More

Case Study: 10-11-307 Utilizing Passive Solar in Greenhouses to Create an Educational Environment

September 30, 2016

Challenge During a remodel of their science facility, an independent college preparatory school in Massachusetts wanted to upgrade to state of the art classrooms in order to bestow a competitive edge on its students. Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems collaborated with the school and its architect to design an innovative greenhouse for the science lab […] Read More