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Case Study: Lumira® Aerogel

lumira aerogel
March 29, 2017

The Benefits of Diffused Light An Alternative to Traditional Glazing Despite the many benefits of bringing daylight into a space, it can often be hard to overcome the common downfalls of glazing systems. The low thermal performance of glazing systems reduces the overall efficiency of the building envelope, increasing the running costs of a HVAC […] Read More

Case Study: A High Performance Complete Glazing Package for Oceanside Living

February 23, 2017

PROJECT LOCATION Residence | New York PRODUCTS Complete Glazing Package ARCHITECT Richard Meier & Partners Associates THE CHALLENGE While constructing a high-end residence in New York, an architecture firm sought an experienced glazier to provide quality fenestration to complement the modern style of  a client's residence. The dwelling is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean to [...] Read More

Case Study: Using Sliding Glass Windows to Create a Dynamic Entertaining Space

sliding glass windows for entertaining
February 2, 2017

Challenge In an effort to compliment a valued outdoor pool where the family spends much of its summer, a Pennsylvania resident constructed a timber-frame pergola and pavilion. The pergola design shades an outdoor fireplace, grill, and patio space. While offering scenic views of rolling country hills, the pavilion shelters a bathroom, kitchen, and dining area […] Read More
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