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Case Study: 09-06-385 – Using Solera Glazing to Create a Healing Sunroom Environment

September 1, 2016

Challenge A health foundation was constructing a facility in Princeton, New Jersey and was looking to construct two multi-residential cottages with shared communal spaces for patients. The cottages were to be separated approximately twenty feet and connected via a windowed breezeway, creating two separate courtyards. The foundation approached Solar Innovations® looking for a sunroom addition […] Read More

Case Study: 14-04-335 – Using Skylights to Brighten Dining Areas

August 11, 2016

Challenge Solar Innovations® was challenged to design a structure that would bring daylight directly into an open dining area of the renovated fourth floor of the member club. The club desired a bright and open place for members to dine. The structure had to work harmoniously with the factory’s existing industrial feel, of weathered brickwork, […] Read More