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Solar Spotlight: Gib’s Farm Greenhouse

Solar Spotlight: Gib’s Farm Greenhouse

The Solar Innovations® install team recently completed work on a straight eave lean-to greenhouse at Gib’s Farm in Catawissa, PA. This structure includes two gable ends and attaches to an existing building. Since glazing is an important aspect of greenhouse design, Solar used LoE 272 tempered laminated glazing to block the majority of the sun’s harmful rays. This protects the plants inside the structure while still allowing for an ideal amount of daylight to get through the glass.

Ridge and eave vents were added to provide automated ventilation based on the temperature within the greenhouse. By doing this, the structure can now provide the ideal environment for plant growth without the added stress of constantly trying to maintain optimum temperatures. Solar also applied the AAMA 2603 White frame finish for a bright, clean appearance.

This lean-to greenhouse provides a precise growing environment for the farm. Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems can engineer and build greenhouses in any size, shape, and configuration for various applications. We are able to provide hobby, commercial, research, educational, institutional, and specialty greenhouses for any need. For more information on our greenhouses or other projects, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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