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Greenhouse Tips & Tricks: Removing Pests from Plants

Insects and Fungi on Plants
December 11, 2017

Since your house plants moved inside for the winter, you may be seeing more insect activity on them. As the plants adjust to the temperature, so do the insects and fungi that were carried in with the plants. Here are some tips for distinguishing between the diverse types and how to handle ridding your plants […] Read More

Greenhouse Tips & Tricks: Fall Soil Prep

November 10, 2017

With the snow creeping in this November, it’s time to prep your garden for next spring. Fall is a wonderful time to start mixing the compost you created over the summer into your soils. Natural compost, such a grass clippings and yard debris, work excellent in mending garden soils. Try mixing it in and it […] Read More

Preparing Your Greenhouse for Winter Lighting

Greenhouse winter plants and lighting
October 13, 2017

As fall comes to a close your greenhouse plant’s lighting needs will change for winter. Most tropical plants go into a slowdown or dormancy stage of growing when the daylight gets shorter. Follow the below tips to keep plants from withering or dyeing during these rough months. Find the sunniest location to place them Always […] Read More