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Selecting the Right Greenhouse Heating System

selecting the right greenhouse heating system
March 8, 2017

Those of us that enjoy spending time in our greenhouses may know that heating a greenhouse can be a challenge. Sometimes it can feel like Mother Nature is not on our side. However, if you set up an efficient and effective heating system, you can maintain the perfect growing environment without the frustration. Keeping your […] Read More

Preventing Bacterial Disease in Plants

preventing bacterial disease in plants
March 1, 2017

There are about 170 microscopic species of bacteria that can cause disease in your plants, and it’s important to notice the visible signs of disease your plants may show. Though there is not one single symptom for all plants, several common signs to look out for are black veins running through yellowed areas on the […] Read More

Preparing for Spring: Starting Seedlings Inside

starting seedlings inside
February 10, 2017

Despite the winter weather, it’s almost that time of year again to start our seeds for the spring. Most annual flowers and vegetables should be started about six weeks before the last frost, but it’s important to research your plants to get your timing right. Remember to start your seeding trays with sterilized seedling soil […] Read More