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Aquaponics Update: New Filter System

New Aquaponics Skimmer System
November 23, 2016

  After having a successful year with our aquaponic growing system, it was time for an upgrade to our tilapia grow tank. Our greenhouse experts noticed that it was difficult to keep the grow tank clear, and proposed a new skimmer system and bottom draw filter. This improved skimmer system was added to our tank […] Read More

Fermenting Wine from Your Garden

Fermenting wine
November 16, 2016

  This week at Solar, we prepared three batches of homemade wine. After our grape vines took a hard hit from the deer last year, we were unsure whether we would be able to continue our wine making tradition. Thankfully, Mother Nature blessed us with wild fox grapes by the bunches, which are a great […] Read More

Wildlife Conservation Food Plots

Conservation Food Plot
November 9, 2016

With colder weather on the horizon, our wildlife food plots are becoming increasingly crucial to the local wildlife. Food plots are small clearings in farmland or wooded areas that are dedicated to planting food supplements for various species including white-tailed deer, turkey, mourning doves, and bobwhite quail. Though food plots are often solely used to bring […] Read More