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Understanding Glass Structures & Their Configurations

November 8, 2017

With so many different configurations for our glass structures, choosing a design can get a little overwhelming. However, the selection process can be simplified by understanding the different purposes of the structure. Below we have broken down our greenhouse, conservatory, or sunroom options. Never forget that our expert team is always here to help through […] Read More

Project Spotlight: Burrage House Restoration

Conservatory Restoration
October 3, 2017

History The Burrage House was built in 1899 as the winter home for attorney, businessman, and philanthropist Albert C. Burrage and his family. It remained in the Burrage Family until the death of Burrage’s widow Alice in 1947. At that time, the house was sold and converted into doctor’s offices. The building underwent a subsequent […] Read More

Case Study: Custom Conservatory that Opens Up the Dining Space

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant Folding Glass Walls
September 21, 2017

Challenge So many people and not enough room! This seemed to be Goodstone Inn and Restaurants big dilemma, which led them to seeking out a solution.  They wanted to increase the space in their dining and reception area, while also adding a unique feature to their existing structure. What did they do? They sought out […] Read More