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Which is better for your project: Wood, Aluminum, or Vinyl-Composite?

Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl-Composite Doors
October 2, 2017

Deciding which medium to use when it comes to windows and doors shouldn’t be confusing. Solar Innovations offers 3 various design choices – aluminum, wood, and vinyl-composite. All three of these have benefits that one needs to consider but, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, fenestration and budget. If you are having trouble deciding, […] Read More

Case Study: Custom Conservatory that Opens Up the Dining Space

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant Folding Glass Walls
September 21, 2017

Challenge So many people and not enough room! This seemed to be Goodstone Inn and Restaurants big dilemma, which led them to seeking out a solution.  They wanted to increase the space in their dining and reception area, while also adding a unique feature to their existing structure. What did they do? They sought out […] Read More

Project ID – 04-12-14

August 25, 2016

All wall folding glass walls and windows, fixed vertical curtain walls, and terrace doors featuring decorative grids. Read More