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What is Solera Glass?

Solera® Glass is a daylighting and insulating material that incorporates glass, light diffusing veils, a transparent InsolCore® and, in many cases, an Aerogel. These materials create a unit that achieves excellent performance in insulation, light diffusion, solar heat regulation, and acoustics for businesses, homes, and public facilities.

Glass in Solera® units acts as the inner and outer wall of the insulated glazing unit (IGU) and is available in different strengths and thicknesses to meet your project’s specific needs. On the interior side of each sheet of glass, light-diffusing veils control solar heat gain and visual light transmittance and diffusion.

Sandwiched in between the veils is a transparent InsolCore®, which can be filled with Aerogel and is responsible for the bulk of the thermal regulating and acoustical capabilities of the unit. The InsolCore® layer alone can add a U-Value of 0.2 and reduce visible light transmission by 55 percent when incorporated into an IGU. Coupled with Aerogel, the InsolCore® layer dramatically improves its thermal performance to a U-Value of 0.04.

Benefits of Solera Glass

Unmatched Thermal Regulation

Improved Natural Light Transmission

Glare-Free Light Diffusion

Increased Acoustical Performance

Improved Solar Heat Regulation

Lowered HVAC and Lighting Costs

Where to use Solera Glass


Healthcare Facilities

Offices & Classrooms




Galleries & Exhibit Halls

Indoor Sports Facilities

Solera Glass

Framing Options

T – Solera®

“T” has a 1” offset to fit standard curtain wall systems. It can be integrated into an entire wall or custom configured to achieve optimal daylighting for your space. Solera® “T” can be integrated into Solar Innovations® curtain walls and skylights to achieve excellent performance.

S – Solera®

“S” offers superior light diffusion, improved thermal performance, and excellent sound regulation in a 3” IGU. It can be integrated into Solar Innovations® curtain walls, skylights, and windows to enhance performance.

L – Solera®

“L” provides excellent light diffusion in a slim, 1” IGU. This unit is comprised of just glass and light diffusing veils, without InsolCore® or Aerogel. It can be integrated into Solar Innovations® windows, storefronts, curtain walls, and skylights.

Standard Solera Glass Products + Specs

T-R25 + AerogelT-R18 + AerogelT-R9 + AerogelS-R5 + AerogelT-R5L-R2.2
Visible Light Transmission*5-20%7-32%9-40%10-45%10-55%12-62%
Shading Coefficient*0.06-0.230.08-0.360.10-0.440.11-0.500.11-0.610.14-0.69
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient*0.05-0.190.07-0.300.09-0.370.10-0.420.09-0.510.11-0.58

*Subject to glass and veil combination

**Center of Glass (CoG) Values

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