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Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Suntuitive, a revolutionary type of thermochromic glazing, automatically tints itself with no human intervention or wires by reacting to changing levels of sunlight exposure. Reduce the need for shades, blinds, overhangs, and other day lighting systems by integrating Suntuitive glass into your home or workplace. Suntuitive’s self-tinting glass helps to manage your building’s changing needs for passive solar heat gain, solar control and natural daylight transmittance.


Optimized Daylighting

Suntuitive’s self-tinting technology continuously adapts to changing conditions to provide lighting that minimizes the need for artificial daylighting solutions and maintains comfort in the space.

Enhanced UV Protection

Suntuitive Glass blocks 99% of UV rays that could be harmful to a building’s occupants or fade the building’s internal features.

View Preservation

By removing the need for shades and blinds that block views, Suntuitive has restored the pristine views previously lost to these daylight blocking systems.

Lowers HVAC and Energy Costs

By incorporating high-efficiency IGUs, Suntuitive Glass provides optimal thermal regulation in the space, which can cut heating costs by up to 43% in certain structures.

Additional Benefits

  • Dynamic Visible Light Range
  • View Preservation
  • Glare Control
  • Wireless Design
  • Custom Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Increased Productivity
  • Noise Reduction
  • Forced Entry Protection


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Suntuitive Monolite

Designed for areas that do not experience exposure to all four seasons, Suntuitive Monolite offers the benefits of traditional Suntuitive Glass without the need for insulation. As the name suggests, Monolite is made from a single pane of glass and offers a much slenderer and modern look than traditional multi-pane units.

Suntuitive Defender/School Defender

Suntuitive Defender Series takes the benefits of thermochromic glass and combines them with the added safety assurance of bullet resistant glass. With Level 1 bullet resistance, this glass can be used anywhere where tenants want added safety from low caliber firearms. While this type of glass is most commonly used in gas stations, retail stores, and pharmacies, this type of glass can even be incorporated into homes or businesses with frontage in high-crime areas.


Suntuitive GlassSuntuitive MonoliteSuntuitive Defender
Visible Light Transmission (VLT)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Total Solar TransmissionVisible Light Transmission (VLT)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Total Solar TransmissionVisible Light Transmission (VLT)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Total Solar Transmission
Exterior TintClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTintedClearTinted
Clear (low iron) 2x LoE0.550.080.390.
3x LoE0.50.080.320.130.190.03
Clear 2x LoE0.540.080.370.
3x LoE0.490.070.310.
Light Green 2x LoE0.450.
3x LoE0.410.
Medium Gray 2x LoE0.380.
3x Loe0.350.
Blue 2x LoE0.350.
3x LoE0.310.
Bronze 2x LoE0.350.
3x LoE0.320.
Gray 2x LoE0.
3x LoE0.