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Which is better for your project: Wood, Aluminum, or Vinyl-Composite?

Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl-Composite Doors
October 2, 2017

Deciding which medium to use when it comes to windows and doors shouldn’t be confusing. Solar Innovations offers 3 various design choices – aluminum, wood, and vinyl-composite. All three of these have benefits that one needs to consider but, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, fenestration and budget. If you are having trouble deciding, […]

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Thermally Insulated Aluminum Framework

October 23, 2015

Thermal properties are a crucial element to compare when purchasing aluminum-framed glazed products. Thermal enhancement is a process in which a thermal barrier is inserted between inner and outer surfaces of the frame to create a high performance energy saving system. The thermal break separates the aluminum into two sections and minimizes conductivity of heat […]

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