TimberOptic™ Technology

TimberOptic™ Technology

Harness the warmth and aesthetic of real wood without sacrificing the strength or  durability of aluminum.

SolarOptics Technology Close Up View of doors

Commercial & Residential Applications

TimberOptic by Solar Innovations is a trademarked manufacturing process utilized in the creation of immersive the doors, windows, and more. While TimberOptic doors and windows are similar to the rest of their counterparts within the Solar Innovations family – products can be constructed from materials such as, but not limited to, aluminum and vinyl. However, while the materials used for all products may be the same, it is in the way they are constructed that gives TimberOptic doors and windows their unique quality. TimberOptic units are designed and assembled in such a way that they are able to mimic the appearance of true, wood-crafted products. This design feature is most notable at the product’s joints. It is also worth noting that this technique is not only limited to faux-wood finishes but can be utilized on aluminum finishes as well. This means that products whose frames are comprised of an A-side of faux-wood and a B-side of traditional aluminum finish can capitalize on a sense of ultimate cohesion.

TimberOptic Example Finishes

See below a few examples of wood finishes being used in conjunction with Solar Innovation’s new TimberOptic technology.

Douglas Fir Finish

Acacia Finish

Knotty Pine Finish

Cherry Finish