Vinyl Tilt Turn Windows

vinyl_tilt_turnVinyl tilt turn windows are common in Europe and are quickly becoming a popular option in the United States. A uPVC vinyl tilt turn window has a dual action; the window tilts inwards like a hopper window, and with the turn of the handle, it opens inwards like a casement window. When the uPVC vinyl tilt turn window is in the hopper position, fresh air can enter the room without requiring the entire window to be left opened. The hopper position also provides additional safety to children and pets, because there is still protection in front of the opening.

If a large air flow is desired, the window can be opened like a casement and uses a screen to keep out insects. Specialty vinyl tilt turn configurations are available, and the system can easily be combined with fixed windows. If desired, transoms can be added above a uPVC vinyl tilt turn window.

Solar Innovations® now offers vinyl tilt turn windows with uPVC vinyl framing. These windows will not rot, rust or warp because they are made from uPVC vinyl. Thermal conductivity is also eliminated with a uPVC vinyl frame, meaning the window does not transfer hot and cold temperatures through the framing, creating an energy efficient window.