WindowMaster Motors

Choosing the Correct System for Motorized Windows and Skylights

Window actuators act as the force behind motorized windows, doors, and skylights. These motors are used to operate systems that provide comfort and smoke ventilation in a building without the need for manual operation. Control the system with a remote or use the supplied electronic control panel. All WindowMaster actuators in use by Solar Innovations can be synchronized with up to three others without the need for an external synchronization module. This simplifies the operation of operable panels without the need to purchase an additional system. All WindowMaster actuators come in several sizes and configurations to fit the exact specifications for your project. To discuss which model is right for you, Contact Solar Innovations and our team will walk you through the considerations necessary to select the correct motor.


Smoke Ventilation

UL 325 certified control panels, chain actuators and BMS/BAS integration.

Natural / Hybrid Ventilation

Intelligent control, MotorControllers, sensors, keypads, etc.

Window Actuators

Chain actuators, spindle actuators, espagnolette actuators, louvre actuator, etc.

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