Core Values


At Solar Innovations®, we continuously innovate, engineer, design, manufacture, and install leading edge glazed aluminum, wood, and vinyl-composite products throughout the world. We capitalize on our R&D, engineering, and proprietary business processes to diversify our business, providing the highest quality products to fit our customers’ means. By investing in our people, we develop and maintain a world-class team of professionals who turn our customers’ dreams into reality. Guided by our drive for sustainable, profitable growth and doing the right things, we pride ourselves on serving our customers, team members, community, and environment.

Core Values

corevalue_safetyDRIVE SAFETY FIRST
We are dedicated to leading our industry by prioritizing safety above all else and fostering a company culture that encourages team members to be leaders in safety. By putting safety first, we build reliable, easy-to-operate products and ensure our process is safe and efficient from beginning to end.

Innovation is in our DNA. We live and breathe innovation and continue to push the envelope by creating new patents and products every year. We partner with those on the cutting edge of technology who want tomorrow’s products today.

Partnership and loyalty are part of our true customer mindset at Solar. We work with our customers through the entire decision-making process because they are the lifeblood of our business. As a team, we are committed to exceeding their expectations.

Continuous improvement is a never ending journey, both personally and professionally. We are committed to achievement driven by a desire to be the best place to work and the best at what we do. We measure our success against the highest standards—our own.

corevalue_possibleLIVE AND WORK GREEN
We are committed to help preserve our environment and leave it in a better state than we inherited it. We live and work to prove the difference that a committed team can make in our world.

Teamwork is the foundation for innovation and creativity. An individual is limited in ability and resources, but a team leverages a strength greater than the sum of its parts. Through partnerships with our customers, peers, and our team, anything is possible.