Industry standard product data sheets used by architects to clearly state which product and manufacturer is acceptable to use on a project as well as the features and performance of that system. Available in MS Word and PDF formats.

If you are unable to find the Specifications for the product type you are interested in, please contact a Solar Innovations® Sales Designer.

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Folding Glass Wall PDF | DOC Stacking Glass Wall PDF | DOC Sliding Glass Door PDF | DOC
Clear Folding Glass Wall PDF | DOC Clear Stacking Glass Wall PDF | DOC Clear Sliding Glass Door PDF | DOC
Lift-Slide Door PDF | DOC Terrace Door PDF | DOC Pivot Door PDF | DOC


Curtain Wall PDF | DOC Wood Curtain Wall PDF | DOC G2 International Window PDF | DOC
Tilt Turn Window PDF | DOC


Greenhouse PDF | DOC Conservatory PDF | DOC Sunroom PDF | DOC
Pool & Spa Enclosure PDF | DOC Walkway PDF | DOC Greenhouse Bench PDF | DOC


Fixed Skylight PDF | DOC Operable Skylight PDF | DOC Retractable Skylight PDF | DOC
Canopy PDF | DOC