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Modern high-performance solutions to traditional Patio doors.

Slide Into A New World

Solar Innovations® Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Systems expand the view of any living space or commercial area. These systems can be used as external entryways or transitions between two interior spaces. Solar’s acoustical sliding glass door systems are the ideal solution for projects that have high sound transmission class (STC) requirements. Although acoustic values are typically specific to the glazing selection, the construction of the frame can greatly influence the acoustical performance. Solar’s acoustical sliding glass door systems allow for a 1 38-inch insulated glazing unit and are a standout product in the industry because they combine enhanced acoustical performance, superior thermal performance, and outstanding functionality.

Available in:
Dual Track Sliding Glass Doors | Multi-Track Sliding Glass Doors | Pocketing Sliding Glass Doors | 90 or 135 Degree No Post Sliding Glass Doors | Motorized Sliding Glass Doors | Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

Residential Applications

Sliding door systems are a unique feature for your home and can be used to expand the view of a bedroom, patio, living room, or even be used as an entryway between two interior rooms. Solar Innovations®’ sliding glass doors are constructed with aluminum framing to meet the needs of each residential application. When the engineering allows, a pocket system can be added so the doors are completely hidden from view while open, creating an unobstructed view. Solar Innovations® also recommends the addition of a screen system for residential applications; both pet and insect screens are available to meet the individual needs of the specific project.

Commercial Applications

Solar Innovations®’ sliding glass doors provide the perfect entrance to any business, restaurant, or resort. Commercial applications can include a pocketed option to remove the panels completely from view. This integration is especially useful when incorporating a sliding glass door system as an interior dividing wall in conference rooms, hotel banquet rooms, and adjustable classroom settings. The doors can also be customized with glass options or solid infill panels to create unique and versatile solutions for your project.

PLEASE NOTE: All hardware is subject to vendor availability. Custom finishes may be available upon request at additional lead time and/or cost. Solar Innovations® reserves the right to discontinue any hardware option at any time.



SI Black

SI White

SI Sandstone

SI Natural Clay

SI Bronze

SI Hartford Green

Powder Coat Solids



FRSL 11618


FRSL 83247


FRSL 46647

Natural Clay

FRSL 47591


FRML 97138

Hartford Green

FRSL 32872


Additional cost

Class 1 Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized

Powder Coat Solids


Apollo White

FRSL 82908

Bone White

FRSL 82909


FRSL 46646


FRSL 74654

Military Light Blue

FRSL 21709


FRSL 62496


FRSL 46645

Fashion Gray

FRSL 74652

Colonial Gray

FRSL 74653

Antique Bronze

FRSL 46648

Decoral Finishes (Powder Coat)

Knotty Pine 2103

DS 716 Textured

DS 402 Smooth

Douglas Fir 1501

DS 716 Textured

DS 402 Smooth

Acacia 1001

DS 716 Textured

DS 402 Smooth

Cherry 1402

DS 716 Textured

DS 402 Smooth

Acacia 1001

DS 733 Textured

DS 403 Smooth

Oak Assi 2501

DS 733 Textured

DS 403 Smooth

Cherry 1402

DS 733 Textured

DS 403 Smooth

Dark Walnut 1802

DS 733 Textured

DS 403 Smooth

Teak 2601

DS 706 Textured

Mahogany Finish

National Walnut 1806

DS 706 Textured

Mahogany Finish

*5 year warranty (finishes available while in stock).

5 year warranty. Scratch & fade resistant; contains no VOCs. Lead times subject to availability.

§10 year; up to 20 year warranty. Scratch & fade resistant; contains no VOCs. Lead times subject to availability.

Lead times subject to availability.

Special order.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon color selection, additional charges and increased lead times may apply. Extended warranties and service plans are available for an additional charge. Examples are shown as accurate as photography and printing processes allow. Final finish selection should be made from a physical sample; contact Solar Innovations® for samples. Product and finish options are subject to vendor availability. Solar Innovations® reserves the right to discontinue any option at any time without notice. Additional options, including custom color match, are available; contact Solar Innovations® for details.

Pocket Options

If you’ve ever been in need of more space, a pocketing sliding glass door system from Solar Innovations® may be just the solution. When opened, these types of doors recede into a wall pocket that fits all of the panels inside. Pocket doors are popular in applications where there’s a desire for large, open expanses. Not only do pockets maximize the usable width of the open door, but they also allow for easier foot traffic and increased accessibility.

No Post Corners

If you want a truly uninhibited view in your project, consider having a no-post, or open, corner application implemented. The no-post corners can be utilized in 90 or 135 degree corners where two panels meet without the addition of a corner post. By utilizing these, corners can be opened up completely and dissolve the barriers between your indoor and outdoor spaces. These are a popular choice in high-end residential and commercial applications.

Radius Configurations

Modern architecture requires modern glazing solutions. For structures with curved walls, our radius sliding glass door provides a solution for opening large spans of glass. These movable walls are available in motorized or manual operation and can incorporate a pocketing configuration for all panels to recede into the wall when open.

True Radius

A true radius sliding door configuration contains curved panels with curved glass that slide along a curved track.

Segmented Radius

A segmented radius sliding door configuration contains flat panels, each at a different angle,  that slide along a curved head and sill to give the appearance of curvature.

Motorized Sliding Glass Doors

Solar offers a motorized option for our sliding glass doors, which are typically used for taller or wider panels. Motorized doors can be controlled several ways via wall mounted switches, exterior security keypads, or by remote control. There is also a specialized “crawl mode” feature that slows down the door during the closing process. This prevents harsh impact and is similar to the soft closing option on cabinets and doors. If you already have an existing sliding glass wall, no worries—Solar’s motorized sliding system can still be incorporated.


While constructing a high-end residence in Southampton, New York, an architecture firm sought an experienced glazier to provide quality fenestration to complement the modern style of the residence.


When a California-based company began the design of their new corporate headquarters in the South of Market District in San Francisco, they turned to Solar Innovations® to help create a contemporary entryway to their expansive lobby.


While constructing a contemporary style residential project, an architecture firm reached out to Solar Innovations® to design and manufacture a series of corresponding doors and windows.


“I am more than satisfied with our sliding doors. No one in our area had seen anything like them in a home and the value compared to other products like our sliding doors makes yours an easy “1st choice”. Our contractor, as well as the window and door subcontractors, has brought others planning a new home to our site to show off the look and functionality of a glass wall that slides into a pocket, thus opening our living area to the great outdoors.”

Warren Center, Center Sliding Doors, Springdale, Arizona

“We saw what I think were your doors in Sarasota, FL at a home we stayed in and would love to consider them for an add-on to our home as the quality and slide were top notch – multiple track sliding glass doors.”

Carla Weber, Missouri