Pinoleum Blinds

The addition of a Solar Innovations® glass structure to your home or business adds functional space with a beautiful view. Sunrooms and conservatories can serve multiple purposes including: a party room, a dining area, or an artist’s studio. As long as the environment within the structure is pleasant, the occupants can enjoy their time. During the summer months, when the sun provides a greater level of direct sunlight, sunrooms and conservatories will experience an increase in temperature that may exceed the comfort level of its occupants. Although windows, doors, and vents increase air flow and provide an escape for hot air, the addition of a shading system can help to minimize the heat gain from the sun’s rays and provide glare control within the structure. Just like windows and doors, which generally have window treatments to control the light levels of the adjoining room, there are several shading options for sunrooms and conservatories.


Pinoleum blinds are the original conservatory blind. They were developed in France and have spread throughout the world. Historic conservatories utilized pinoleum conservatory blinds, which are still popularly featured in English conservatories. The blinds can be used on both the roof and walls and are comprised of individual reeds which are woven together; thin wood is used to minimize sagging in the blinds.


Fixed shades are permanently attached to the structure’s framework. They do not move and will be in constant use. Operable shades retract and can be either manual or motorized.

Pinoleum Blind systems are operable, allowing them to be closed for shading or fully open to provide optimum daylight. The system can be hand operated or moved by a motor. Each blind retracts to the eave or rolls up in a window application. Blinds feature custom dimensions and are manufactured to fit your conservatory’s specific sizes.


The wooden reeds can be painted or stained to achieve a custom coloration. The blinds are available in numerous colors, ranging from neutrals like Church Candle to saturated colors such as Beach Hut Blue.

Custom colors are also available. When the blinds are pulled closed, natural daylight can still enter the conservatory, while reducing harsh glares. These shade systems also assist in regulating temperature. During the hot summer days, the blinds are extended and reduce the amount of heat gain inside the space.

Roof Blinds

Custom Configurations

Intricate and unique shapes are also possible with Pinoleum blinds, such as trapezoidal glass and valleys. Structures with high moisture levels, like a pool enclosure or greenhouse, are not suitable environments for Pinoleum blinds, as the wood may suffer damage.