Below is our complete information list to help guide you to areas for more information on our products and processes. Hopefully these quick links can help guide you through our website better.

How to Purchase

An in dept look at the process for working with the Solar Innovations team. From initial contact to installation, our team will help every step of the way bring your ideas to life.

Maintenance & Care

Follow these guidelines for cleaning and care of Solar’s vast product line to keep your doors, windows, skylights, and structures looking as good as they did when first installed.


Solar Innovations® has provided various information in .pdf format, which our friends are able to download and review immediately.


Solar Innovations® offers a wide variety of glass options to meet the many different needs of both residential and commercial applications.


At Solar Innovations®, we know taking on a new project can be a bit intimidating. We’ve provided an A-Z list of commonly used terms in the glazing and construction industry.

Warranty Information

Since Solar Innovations® works with many vendors to supply original manufacturers’ warranty information directly to the consumer. Visit here to see what is and isn’t covered on your project.


Specifications for each particular need, either residential or commercial are met at Solar Innovations, Inc. because we strive to produce products tailored to your needs.


Solar Innovations® offers a variety of finish options for our products. Browse through our standard offerings but its best to get a physical sample before ordering.


Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions section to find quick answers. If the answer isn’t there one of Solar’s talented staff can help.

Warranty Validation

In addition, providing information necessary for warranty validation we therefore, require that you provide photographs of the finished project, therefore, ensuring it has been correctly installed.

Product Testing

Solar is dedicated to providing safe, quality products to customers and our in-house test labs offer the unique opportunity to execute tests quickly and efficiently with certification by nationally-recognized third parties.