Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse shelving options from Solar Innovations® provide additional growing storage space for any greenhouse.  A shelf can be added to a solid wall or attached to the rafters in front of glass windows. If space permits, shelving can be stacked on a wall. Greenhouse shelving can be used for any glazed or conventional construction structure, as they are designed to match the aesthetics of the surroundings. A bay window can be turned into a miniature greenhouse with the addition of shelving.


Glass allows sunlight to reach all of the shelves, and as long as saucers are used under the plants, a minimal level of glass cleaning is required. The glass shelves will be the best aesthetic match to the window’s facade.


Wood is another aesthetically appealing choice for shelving. Mahogany or cedar is recommended because of its ability to endure moisture and humidity. After the wood is stained, it gives a feeling of a traditional English greenhouse. Utilizing wooden shelves allows for reduced sunlight to lower shelves, which is ideal for shade plants, such as orchids.


Metal is available, and it is constructed from the same material used to create greenhouse benches. It is very sturdy and allows for air flow into the bottom of the plants. The aluminum mesh is an excellent choice for bonsai which typically requires air movement to flourish. The metal will not rust or warp and is a practical choice for any greenhouse.


Polyethylene is very similar to the metal shelving in pattern and advantages. The major difference is that polyethylene is a plastic with recycled content. The metal shelving is silver and the polyethylene is black and hides dirt with greater ease.

Bench Shelving

Lower greenhouse bench shelves are exceptionally helpful for plants that thrive in shade or minimal sunlight conditions. Lower greenhouse benches are approximately 18″ deep and placed underneath existing greenhouse benches. Adding the lower shelf will increase the growing space available. This option provides extra storage area for supplies and equipment or allows more space for growing plants. These shelves can be incorporated into any bench layout by Solar Innovations®, except the rolling benches.

Shelf Supports

The shelving supports can be either a simple metal bar or a decorative corner. The metal bar can be attached underneath the shelf or from above to create a hanging shelf. Decorative corners are an excellent choice when aesthetics are of importance. There are various model selections,  all of which  mimic English greenhouses and traditional architecture. The corners can be painted to one of Solar Innovations®’s standard colors or a custom color.

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