Ring and collars

Ring and Collars

Decorative ring and collar supports, also known as cross ties or cross bars, are decorative trusses which link two opposite rafters to provide additional support to large span portal frame and free standing conservatories, sunrooms, or greenhouses.  These structural supports are intended to maintain a roof shape and structural integrity while adding unique architectural appeal. Ring and collars can also be used for purely decorative purposes. When used in a greenhouse, ring and collars often double as plant hangers. A hanging basket can be directly attached to the bar for added growing space. Solar Innovations® can, upon request, incorporate decorative aluminum appliqués to each side of the ring to accent the structures appeal.

  • The ring and collar tie serves as a structural brace and cross tie for larger or free standing conservatories.
  • Decorative appliqués can be added to each side of the ring for additional detailing.
  • Decorative king posts are common elements to adorn the bottom of hubs.